Necessity is…

At the end of last year I decided to abandon my plans to restore my Series IIa Land Rover, but the universe had its own plans.

My Citroen Picasso has blown its timing belt, and I couldn’t be bothered to fix it. Mainly because this comes less that a year after the cam belt snapped, causing hectic secondary damage. It was expensive and painful to repair. And now this. Forget about it. I’m done.

This has created a situation that necessitates the repair of my Land Rover. Since I need to have transport.

I started this weekend.

First I checked all the fluids, and only need to top up the clutch fluid. Although I’ll probably change the oil and put in fresh Diesel because it’s been standing for so long anyway. The next thing I checked was the electrical system. Here’s where I stopped for the weekend. It has a blown glow plug in the first cylinder. Since it’s a forty year old vehicle, spares are not readily available. Especially not on Sundays.

Good used heater plug

Good used heater plug

Burnt heater plug

Burnt heater plug

I shall collect all the things that I need today and continue working on it tonight.

Hold thumbs.


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