TEFL – huh?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Many countries that are not native English speakers employ the services of English teachers. I want to be one.

To be an English teacher to foreign language students doesn’t take a teaching degree. It only takes a good understanding of the English language and a TEFL course.
TEFL courses teach (or remind) you about the rules of the English language and how to handle a classroom situation.

Last year we did an on-line course, and aced it. Obviously. Because we’re clever and stuff. 😉 We even got certificates. Check it out.

With Distinction ;)

This certificate says I know some stuff.

That certificate doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy though. It was a crappy course that didn’t really challenge us or teach us how to deal with real classroom environments. It gave some theory, but in my experience, theory is rarely ever the same in practise.

So we’re doing another one. A real one. One we have to fly to Thailand to complete! One that will put us in front of real children.

It’s scary! But it’s the good kind of scary. The kind of scary that excites me. This is a very real step into the unknown.

I like it.


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