The Graveyard Book – Review

I have never read a Neil Gaiman novel before The Graveyard Book. This makes me sad.

The Graveyard Book was fantastic, I loved it! The author has a supreme gift.Neil Gaiman

It’s a really easy read. Designed for children. OK, that’s probably why I liked it. You know…because I’m just a kid.

Nobody Owens has his family wiped out when he’s just a teeny tiny baby, but he toddles away before the killer makes it to his room. In fact he toddles all the way into a graveyard. There he is adopted by the resident ghosts. It’s a fascinating story of how Bod, a living boy, is raised by the dead.

The idea is amazing, the imagery is sublime and the story is fantastic. I know I’ve already used that adjective, but hey…it’s good one.

This is a really great read. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “The Graveyard Book – Review

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