Great ideas – BookCrossing

I just registered on BookCrossing. It’s a site that facilitates the sharing of books with people from all over the world.

What happens is; someone buys a book and registers it. Then reads it and reviews it. And then, and here’s the kicker, releases it into the world. Either by sending it to someone on the site who has shown some interest in it, or by just randomly leaving it in a public place. the books you read the people you meet

There’s a sticker inside with the web address and the ID of the book. With any luck, the person who finds the book will go to the site and register that it’s been found, read it and then release it again.

It’s beautiful.

The book I’m reading was registered in Leeds in the UK, then traveled to Finland. Now I’m holding it in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

I love that there are people out there who come up with selfless ideas like this one, and that there are enough generous people to keep it alive.

We should have more of them 🙂


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