Day 17 -> A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

I haven’t read anything that really changed my view on things.
It should be said though, that I’m more of a non-fiction kind of guy. I do read novels from time to time, but you’re more likely to find me with an encyclopedia in my hands. Since the bulk of my reading is information gathering, it’s less likely that I’ll have my views changed by what I read.
Although if I must think carefully about it, I once read a book on sleep. It described the mechanisms that are in play while we sleep. One of the interesting snippets of information was that sunlight play a role in melatonin production. Melatonin, for those who don’t yet know, is the hormone in your body that regulates your sleep. More melatonin means more restful sleep. The sunlight hitting your retinas triggers your body’s natural melatonin factory. It was because of that book that I now hardly ever wear sunglasses. Technically that’s a view change isn’t it? Well, it’s the closest I could come to view change anyway.

Sleep. The title of the book that made me wear sunglasses less.


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