Day 11 -> Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

People compliment me on my strength a lot. Emotional strength.
I really don’t understand what they mean. You’re faced with a challenge, you deal with it.
Although I’ve seen other people crumble when faced with circumstances similar to mine, I just don’t empathise with them.
I mean, so you just watched someone drive a broken glass into their arm. So what? It’s not your arm. You can’t feel the pain (granted neither did they at the time). If you crumble in a heap on the floor, who are you helping? yourself? Nope. The person with shards of glass sticking out of their arm? Nope. Innocent bystanders? Nope. Crumbling in a heap on the floor never accomplishes anything (except maybe to clean the floor a little). It’s just logical to rather spring into action and dress the wound and call a doctor. It’s not strength, its logic.


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