Day 08 -> Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

It would be too easy to go with satan on this one, so I’m going with number two.
Willem Matthysen made my life hell (and treated me like shit).
A long time ago I worked as a lecturer for a small private training company.
This idiot ran it. The culmination of his jackassery was the day we arrived at work to find chains on the door.
Just before that though, there was the time when him and his wife arrived in the office with a shopping trolley completely laden with groceries and Christmas presents for the most distant relative. A normal thing to do. You would think so. If only it did not coincide with the third pay-day in a row that he had not paid his staff (ie. me).
This is the man whose proudest moment was when he managed to steal a single chocolate from a sealed box of Quality Street. The victim’s box was delivered to a staff member, by his girlfriend. Mr Mattysen took pride in slicing a tiny hole in the sealing plastic wrap and removing a chocolate from the box. He then ran up and down parading his winnings and the “still sealed” box.
Great guy huh?


2 thoughts on “Day 08 -> Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

    • Oh. Would you look at that!?!
      There’s a person, other than my direct family, that reads my blog!
      Actually, scratch that, I don’t think my direct family reads my blog either.

      Thanks 😉

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