Day 03 -> Something you have to forgive yourself for.

oooh, another good one.

I have a few tiny things that I have to forgive myself for.
The one that stands out, nay towers, above rest would be my marriage.
Good God! What was I thinking?
I was young, I was naive, I was ….WHATEVER!!
I cocked up good and proper on that one. And that is all.

So it turns out that the honourable thing to do is apparently not always the best thing to do.
Then, once you’ve realised that you have completely destroyed your twenties, your stubbornness kicks in and you refuse to quit. So you stick around and try make the best possible life for yourself and your kids. Then, once you’re completely numb inside, it ends…horribly.
That was a mistake that I’ll have to pay for….

I have to forgive myself for getting married to the wrong person just because I got her pregnant.

PS. Although if I didn’t, she would be raising my kids now. *shudders*


3 thoughts on “Day 03 -> Something you have to forgive yourself for.

  1. Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future mate. You’ve nothing to forgive yourself on that puppy, as harsh as it’s been it’s shaped the guy you are today. You have a wonderful wife to be, amazing kids, and you’re a man for all seasons that’s weathered storms which would break mortal men.

    Not every guy has mates who think the world of them, family who adore the bejezuz out of them, and gets to marry the prom queen. Those are the rewards of having walked where angels fear to tread; those are the rewards of staring lions down when others would have turned and run; and those are the rewards that the content of your character have justly earned you.

    Only thing you need to ask forgiveness for mate is this silly business of asking for directions when you’re lost, reading the manual before you install anything, and fixing everything rather than hiring someone to do it for you. That shit makes the rest of us look bad 🙂

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