"Katalina Publishing logo"Do you like writing?

If you asked me that while I was at school, my answer would be an emphatic, “no”.  I disliked writing so much that it affected my choice of subjects. I chose geography over history, because they told me I’d have to write essays in History. That really sucks, because, although Geography was fun, I love history. We had the most amazing history teacher in standard 7 (before the big ‘choice’), and he made history feel magical and interesting. I’ve spent many hours researching historical stuff (mainly World War II related). However, I still chose geography. Solely to avoid writing essays. Which is a little sad because now I like writing. It may have to do with the fact that no one is marking my writing. It’s all useless crap, that has no social value. I don’t have any pressure to be good at it, because if I’m not, the only penalty is that no one reads it. surprise, surprise…no one reads it anyway…well, except you, but I’m guessing that you’re a close friend anyway.  🙂  (thanks for the support buddy)

So why do I like writing now? Well, it probably has something to do with my fiancée being a writer. A real one. With actual talent and stuff. Then there’s the Tequila Thursday Writing club. Here’s a bunch of generally cool people. Not the traditional “cool” people. That implies suave, good-looking people who are too afraid to laugh in public lest they do it badly and loose “coolness” in the eyes of their fellow “cool” friends. No, these are actually great people. We’re all insane, and none of us give a damn that each of us has our own little idiosyncrasies.  Granted some have more issues than others, but no one cares. We know each other and care for each other. They’ve become somewhat of a tiny family. And yes, I count myself as a writer for the purposes of Writing Club. I’m really not, I’m actually just the Coffee Boy. I make the coffee and prepare the snacks, but still no one cares that I’ve never actually written anything. We’re cooler than that. If it’s not the writing club or my beautiful fiancée that spurred me, then it must be Katalina Publishers (logo in the top right). No, I have no plan to write a piece of work that Katalina may publish, but just the idea of having a publishing company so close to me has affected how I see writing, and writers. I’m very proud of my fiancée for putting together the massive Poetry Project and Katalina Publishers who will publish the book. She built it from absolutely nothing. It wasn’t always easy. there were plenty of highs, like finding a new poet, but there were plenty of lows too.

Well done Nadine! Your work is beautiful and is really appreciated by the people who’s lives you’ve touched. There are many housewife poets and technician photographers who now have something to look forward to.

I love you.


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