Do you ever get the feeling that someone is trying get you?

We’re in a time of change. Change is a good thing. Both true statements, but do you ever get the feeling that you’re not really wanted AFTER those changes have been made?

I do. I do right now.

So it’s not really my super keen intuition, I was told. I was told that in the future, after the change there is no place for me. Not here anyway. It was said “unofficially” but in an official meeting none-the-less. Which is fine. I get it. It’s friendly heads-up for things to come. However, since I expressed a distinct lack of enthusiasm about following the physical location of the change, I seem to have come under fire. I agree that the change is a good one, and I’m quite happy to effect the change, I just don’t want to go where it wants to take me.

Now I’m getting unreasonable requests dumped on me from all sorts of angles. And they come with ridiculous deadlines. It feels like I’m being setup to fail, so that I can be show to be weak.

It’s just not cool. If I’m right. But am I right? Am I really being picked on, or am I just paranoid.

I can’t tell.


3 thoughts on “paranoia

  1. Even paranoid people have enemies.

    I know that was maddeningly unhelpful, and did not address your valid concerns in any way….

    But it’s still true.


  2. I dunno. I’m a big believer in instincts.

    Also – sometimes you just can’t help rising to the challenge when people underestimate you.

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